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Search via image keyword

Each image is displayed with its metadata (description, keywords) if enlarged.
By clicking on an image's keyword you may search for this keyword in the entire image database.

Search via search box

The entire image database may be searched by the search box, which is displayed in the top right corner.
Attention :
- the search input field is only displayed within the password protected client area (and not in the public area)
- please use keyword in singular (example : flower and not flowers)

Search syntax

Search language is english.

You may specify one or several search criteria, which appear in the image metadata (description, keywords).

For complex requests please use the operators in uppercase (AND, OR, NOT)
(for example 'Germany AND NOT animal' for images from Germany with no animal).

Entered search criteria without operators are meant as AND-requests (for example 'tree europe' searches for images that contain tree and europe).

Search criteria consisting of several words have to be enclosed by inverted commas (example : "Sunset Point", which searches for this entire text; otherwise it would search for images taken at sunset and at a location containing point and may return more images than expected).


Supported search criteria 

The images are keyworded as follows :

Year Creation year (for example 2014)
Month Creation month (for example 2014-05); in case you like to see more images of that production
Species species name english and latin
Location continent, country, county, city, nature reserve, location name, region
General  nature, landscape, plant, animal
Top image top
Colors white, yellow, orange, red, magenta, blue, violet, green, brown, grey, black
Photography detail, macro, twilight, fisheye, back light, short time exposure, long time exposure, silhouette, reflection, structure,
white background, luminous, monochrome, unsharp, action
Concept duo, trio, abstract, standing out
Season spring, autumn, summer, winter
Climatic zone ice climate, temperate zone, subtropics, taiga, tropics, tundra
Culture monument, farm land
Mineral rock, salt, sand, mud, sulphur
Nature phenomenon blowhole, haze, fumarole, thunderstorm, lightning, halo, hot spring, geyser, lava, lava lake, moon, lunar eclipse,
fog, aurora, reflected light, rainbow, sun, solar eclipse, starry sky, milky way, star rotation, wind
Clouds cloud, overcast, cloudless, cloudy
Plants plant, tree, bush, flower, vegetable, corn, fern, moss, grass, water plant, leaf, bud, seedling, foliage, root, blossom, culture, garden
Technic energy, house, lighthouse, road, path, stairway, windmill, sign
Animal amphibian, fish, insect, reptile, invertebrate, mammal, bird
Topography mountain, volcano, canyon, erosion landscape, cave, karst, meadow, desert, coast, forest
Water water, brook, river, pond, waterfall, glacier, sea, ice, iceberg, rain, snow, dew, wave

There are more complex keywords applied - have a look into the image's keywords.


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