Technical Infos

Photo Equipment

All images displayed on this website are produced with the best technical equipment available at that time (Canon EOS 5D III and IV, Canon EOS 1Ds MIII, Canon EOS 1Ds MII). So the rectangular images are sized between 31 and 17 MPixels (3:1 panoramas are double size and thus between 62 and 34 MPixels).

As lenses I use the best apochromatic corrected lenses of the Canon L series and Zeiss lenses.

A small percetage of historical images were taken with Fuji Vevia film and scanned professionally with Nikon CoolScan 5000ED.
These images are marked as "Scan" in the image description.

I mostly use natural light conditions. In the night I sometimes use lightpainting techniques with filtered torch light.

Image Quality

All images are raw converted with Adobe Camera Raw and carefully edited with Adobe Photoshop CS6 software.

As I feel as a artist I use the image software to get an image with vital color and contrast. Sometimes this is more than in real, sometimes less (especial flower colors). My images shall have a special Frank Krahmer look and feel.

Special corrections, that I always apply manually :
- sensor dust removal
- noise removal (often partial to prevent loss of details)
- removal of edge vignettings
- removal of apochromatic aberrations (often partial)
- partial corrections of brightbness, contrast, color tint, saturation for a perfect entire image look and feel (sometimes with luminosity and saturation masks)
- CMYK soft proofing - all images are CMYK printable (some exceptions for flowers with special pure colors, especially with violet tobes)

Image manipulations

I like to shoot images that include only natural elements.
But in the real there are often manmade elements contained on an image (electric wires, condensation trails, waste ...).
As artist I retouch these elements professionally and mark these images.

I never compose images.

HDR and Panoramas

In the last years I regulary stitch images with different exposures for a high dynamic image. For this I use Photoshop with manual enblending.

Panoramas are stitched with professional panorama software (PTGui).
Before stitching I convert the images to TIFs and remove vignettings and apochromatic aberrations. So you won't find such artifacts within the images.



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